Pure 13 BT 3px RIC BTE


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Equipped with our primax star platform, the new Pure 13 BT primax revolutionizes precise hearing. It’s the world’s first hearing aid to offer audiological benefit through Bluetooth. In combination with the new myControl App, it uses detailed, Bluetooth-based data that provides a clear overview of the wearer’s acoustic environment. For example, when the wearer is walking in a noisy environment, the hearing aids focus not just on the speech of a conversation partner but also provide access to unobtrusive ambient sounds. This way, the new Pure 13 BT primax enables the best possible hearing experience while wearers are on the move. Pure 13 BT primax. World class hearing with direct connectivity to iPhone and TV.

Fitting appointment and reviews within 45 days
Batteries for 2 months
3 years warranty (manufacturers)
Money back guarantee for six weeks