Should I Get a Hearing Test?: 5 Signs the Answer Is Yes

Hearing Test

Do you think you may need a hearing test?

Our senses are vital for how we perceive the world around us. Though you may not think about it much, your world would see a huge change if you could no longer hear. As we age, this can become an inevitability. But if you’re not familiar with hearing loss, you may not know what signs to look out for.

Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Read on for these five signs you should book a hearing test today.


1. You Turn Up the Volume

The most common type of hearing loss happens over time. You don’t suddenly lose the ability to hear anything.

Instead, over time, your hearing gets less and less. It will effect how loud a sound is and how clear that sounds comes through.

You may also find that one ear gets worse faster than the other. Even with the same type of hearing loss, the effects can have a wide variability from person to person.

If you have this kind of hearing loss, one of the most obvious signs is you’re turning up the volume on your TV or radio. Once you think about it, it’s easy to spot as you’ll notice when you’re doing this.

If you’re only doing in on the odd occasion, or for one program but not another, it might be a lower output broadcast. But, if you’re needing a higher volume daily, it’s likely you could have a hearing issue. Even if it turns out to be a build-up of wax, it’s best to get it checked out and get a hearing test.

2. You Feel Drained After Conversations

Every now and then, we’ve all had to ask someone to repeat what they’ve said. That’s a normal part of life. But, if you’re doing this on a regular basis, and asking many different people, this could be a hearing loss sign.

Another follow-on sign to this is if you struggle to hear people when there is noise in the background. You may also struggle to make out consonants as well.

Without even realising, a lot of sufferers end up having to strain to hear people while talking with them. This includes:

  • straining to move in closer to hear better
  • trying to drown out background noise and focus on the speaker
  • lip reading

Hearing loss isn’t the only cause of fatigue by any means. But, the more strain you’re putting yourself through to hear can be the cause of over tiredness.

If you’re feeling more tired than usual, and have any other symptoms on this list, it’s best to get it checked out. A trained audiologist will be able to clear things up in no time.

3. Having Issues When on Your Own

Hearing problems aren’t only apparent when you are with other people. In fact, some of the most common symptoms of hearing loss are only noticeable when you are on your own.

Everyone says they sound different when they hear their voice played back to them. But if you notice that the sound of your voice is changing, without anyone else mentioning it, then it might be your hearing that is changing.

The development of tinnitus, a ringing or buzzing sound in your ears, is often a common sign of early hearing loss. This is normally noticed at night, when there are no other sounds to distract you. Although tinnitus is relatively common, make sure you get your hearing tested if you notice it.

4. You’re a Little Unsteady on Your Feet

You might no realise it, but walking requires many of your senses to work together as one. Your body sees, feels and hears the environment you’re moving in. This helps keep you steady and sure on your feet.

Often, you’re not thinking of this process because you’re used to it. Your body works in the way that you need it to, when you need it to. But if you’re experiencing hearing loss, this can actually affect your balance.

A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine found a correlation. The study took a sample of 2,000 people aged 40-69. Those who had a 25-decibel hearing loss (classed as mild) were almost 3 times more likely to have a fall history.

For each 10 decibels on top of that, this increased the risk of falling by 1.4 times. So, if you’re feeling more unsteady on your feet, or you’re falling more, hearing loss could be the reason.

5. Sudden Loss of Hearing

In some very rare cases, you could develop a sudden loss of hearing. Usually, this will occur in only one ear and it can be either senorineural or conductive.

The symptoms for this are usually pretty obvious though. For one, you can’t hear well, or at all, out of one ear. But, if this happens and you have a cold or ear infection, it can be harder to spot.

It can be difficult to tell what is temporary congestion or actual hearing loss. And of course, the virus or bacteria can actually cause damage to your ear.

For some people, you may hear a loud popping noise, they lose your hearing. Your ear may feel full or stuffed with cotton afterwards. This could also come with ringing in the ear, or dizzy spells.

You may have burst your eardrum in this case. But whatever has happened, prompt treatment is essential. So, if you’re experiencing sudden hearing loss, act fast and get it treated right away.

Don’t Delay Your Hearing Test Today

So there you have it! Now you know these five signs of what to look for, you’ll know when it’s time to book a hearing test.

For most people, the changes will happen over time. So it’s important that you pay attention to any changes in your daily routine. But, in some cases, it can come on hard and fast. Whatever your individual case, it’s important you get your hearing looked at as soon as you notice it.

If you are in need of a hearing test, then find your nearest Country Hearing Care clinic. We provide accessible, ethical, client-centred hearing care from our four permanent clinics, ten visiting sites and multiple aged care facilities.